About WGR



White Goat Ranch, Always Handmade

The process of creating and running a handmade boutique has been quite the learning experience.  I started years back with 5 dollars and a stray ball of cotton yarn, opening my Etsy shop with a washcloth and re-milled bar of soap.  The shop has been a journey, taking me from one project to another, trying to find a real sense of my style, and my true art.  My style has to reflect me, my love of nature, freedom, fresh air, individuality, and creativity.  

And that's where I hope my boutique will take you as well.  On a journey all of your own.  With items that encourage you to be you, to wander through the hills and valleys, to grow, and change, and be free to live as you.  And to have fun while doing it.  

Find a memory, a good luck charm, an expression of you.

Everything you see here with the exception of a few random (and marked items) has been handmade by myself in my Missouri home.  I make, package and ship each item with no middle man.  I also try to purchase all my supplies as local as I can to support others, just as your're supporting me.  

I always welcome custom items to fit exactly what you need.  Please ask first before you order so I can make sure what you want can be made and on time.  Also read my policies before you shop.

Thank you for stopping in!